Comprehensive School Mental Health Systems (CSMHS)

In-School Prevention and Mental Health Interventions

Methuen Public Schools has adopted a whole-student approach in which mental health staff are responsible for each domain of need of the students on their caseloads, including social/emotional, academic, and transition/postsecondary needs. This case-management approach ensures that presenting problems are managed comprehensively by a single staff member who is familiar with the case and can deliver services over an extended period of time (K-4, 5-8, and 9-12) to address complex problems that cut across multiple domains of need effectively and efficiently. The continuum of care afforded by this model is an improvement over traditional models in which several staff members would each address only a portion of the student’s needs, making for inefficient and fractured service delivery.


As DESE licensed counseling professionals, staff are trained to provide evidenced-based counseling services (e.g. cognitive behavioral therapy). The objective is to
set goals to support students through an acute crisis or in managing mental health concerns. Counselors and their students work jointly in devising counseling plans that address their individual needs. Counselors and their students meet regularly to review and revise counseling plans.


Methuen’s School Counseling Department emphasizes the importance of academic and personal/social success for every student. Based on annual screening results, we provide an opportunity for students to participate in small group counseling focusing on addressing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and trauma. This is an excellent way for students to learn skills, develop self-awareness and confidence, practice new behaviors, and better understand how to effectively manage stressors.

Wraparound Services

Methuen Public Schools partners with community-based mental health and social service agencies to augment and enhance the supports available to students. In this manner, students are provided a team-based approach to address their individual needs.


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