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Counseling Department Supports for Students

Every student in MPS can access support from the counseling department for problems large and small. You may know that the counseling department staff assists students with postsecondary planning and academics. All counselors are licensed professionals who provide free, confidential counseling services to students to address mental health concerns, personal problems, conflict, and crisis. If your student is struggling with a personal issue, needs help supporting a friend, or simply needs advice about how to manage a stressful situation, please reach out to the counseling department. Families are encouraged to reach out to counseling staff to request support for their student (including group and individual counseling services), request assistance navigating difficult situations and family crises, and to learn about how to access community resources. Counselors are available throughout the school day and can be contacted in person and through email. Students can simply visit the counseling offices or reach out in any way they feel comfortable and a counselor will get you the help you are looking for.

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